Dear Naperville Resident,

In only a few decades, Naperville has grown from a small farming community into a modern, thriving suburb, consistently ranked as one of the best places to live. Along with those changes has come the philosophy that the City of Naperville not just provides services to its residents and businesses, but consistently implement innovative and highly efficient solutions that allow it to serve our citizens well.

To achieve this goal, it is critical the City take the time to collect opinions and feedback from our residents on the quality of our services, programs and initiatives. You have been chosen to participate in Naperville’s 2016 Citizen Survey, which is enclosed in this envelope.

I, along with the Naperville City Council and the City staff, sincerely appreciate your time and attention to honestly answer these survey questions. Although this survey takes some time to complete, every question is important. As Mayor, I take input provided through this survey very seriously, and the City Council and I use the answers provided to help us make decisions, request improvements and efficiencies to policies and programs from City staff, and identify future needs for the City of Naperville.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Izabella Pavlik at (630) 420-6003. Thank you in advance for your participation — you are making a difference in Naperville for generations to come!


Steve Chirico

Mayor, City of Naperville